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Adecades-long adventure

The Montbazon Archeosite project aim to offer the public a high experience.

Live a total immersion in the medieval world. 


Mixing both the know-how and tools of the medieval time, based on solid historical and scientific foundations, the Archeosite of Montbazon will be a space for experimental archaeology allowing history to come to life before your eyes. 


A footbridge will link the Fortress and the current car park, where a medieval village will born, composed by thirty 13th century inspired houses. In this village, the most emblematic crafts of the time will be presented.


A church will also be built in the same village, where events such as concerts and seminars will take place. Accommodation will also be available for schoolchildren.

The aim of this project is to build a high human experience and sharing it with young and not-so-young throughout workshops and life-sized discovery activities. 


The future of the site : essential issues for its development.

A real player in the development of tourism in Touraine, "l'Archéosite de Montbazon" project will have a beneficial impact on the region's attractiveness.

The Fortress of Montbazon today :

18 seasonal jobs over 6 months

70 000 visitors, including 10 000 schoolchildren

The Archeosite of Montbazon tomorrow :

50 seasonal jobs over 9 months

12 permanent jobs

150 000 visitors

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