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Celebrate your birthday at the Fortress

Prepare an unforgettable birthday

The activities offered:

From 2:00 p.m. and for a duration of 2 hours, children will be able to enjoy different  fortress activities for an unforgettable medieval anniversary.It's up to you, parents, to choose aof the two formulas for your child's afternoon:


Formula 1,The Fortress Olympics : 

  • Within the group of children, Olympics are organized around tests of strength, skill and precision. The goal? Be knighted as a knight and obtain the diploma that proves it. A set of activities that will amuse all children looking for adventure!


Formula 2, The enigmatic parchment of Foulques III Nerra : 

  • A mysterious parchment has been hidden in the heart of the fortress by the famous and feared Count of Anjou Foulques III Nerra! The kids are on a mission to find him.rthrough a treasure hunt with whimsical riddles but also around a crossbow shooting appealing to the lively minds of children! The fortress needs these young brains to prevent Foulques III Nerra from ravaging the region again! 

For any formula:

  • Around tea time, a birthday cake and drinks await the children under the reception tent to treat and reward the heroes and heroines of the day.



  • 150 € for a group of 10 children and less

  • Flexible and decreasing price from 11 children.


For all information and reservations: by phone at02 47 34 34 10  or by email at

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