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Become a Member

The Knights of the Black Falcon association has been working since 2012 to safeguard and enhance the Montbazon Fortress by bringing the site to life in a fun and educational way. In order to pursue our activities and achieve our objectives, we need your contributions, funding, enabling us to materialise the act of accession.

For individuals, membership for 2022 is 25€.

For legal persons, schools, associations, companies, local authorities, membership for the year 2022 is 30€.

This contribution allows you to participate in various activities and projects organized by the association. This gives you free access to the Fortress every opening day as well as at events. It also allows you to participate in the preparation of the summer season and of Santa Claus Village in winter. Furthermore, you can participate in the setting up of workshops (sewing, DIY, creations of shows, skits, sets...).

If you wish to encourage the association in its process of historical reconstruction, preservation and promotion of the medieval heritage and allow to carry out the project of the Archéosite of Montbazon, you can support us by making a donation.

How to join the association

To join the association, you must provide us with the following information :

  • Name : 

  • First Name : 

  • Adress (track number and description, postal code and city) : 

  • Email : 

  • Phone: 

  • The amount of the membership settlement : 

  • The amount of your donation (if applicable) : 

  • Method of payment (cash or cheque) : 

Payment of membership and donations can be made in cash or by cheque (order: Les Chevaliers du Faucon Noir ou Forteresse de Montbazon). Above information and rules can be sent directly to the office of the association or sent by post to :

Forteresse de Montbazon, 12 - 14 rue du Château - 37 250 Montbazon.

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